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Aditya Group -Flavour of the world

Founder Aditya Trading Company
Mr. Hari Poddar
Aditya Group of companies







                                        In the year 1972, Aditya trading company was founded by
Sri Hari Poddar, a man known to most of us as Hari. The company has initiated turmeric business under the brand name ADITYA 501 and ABHISHEK 5001 in a small way. With an extraordinary sense of commitment to quality Aditya Trading Company has meticulously shaped it destiny.

The factors responsible for
Mr.Poddars' success which goes beyond the sophistication of the best technology include.

Extracting High Quality
Focus on service
Thinking Big
Social Accountability

His vision has contributed to the unique character of the organization.

"Inspiration provides the motivation; Hardwork translates it to reality"

House of Aditya

                   The House of Aditya is one of the India's pioneering turmeric trading house with global expertise. Today Aditya Trading Company is a successful company with clients spread around the Indian Market.
                High growth, consistent profitability, increasing interest in the use of spices in cooking worldwide, expertise acquired over decades has initiated the group to diversity into agro foods and instant masala market.

The Group of Companies are

Abhishek Exports
Nani Agro Foods
Aditya Trading Company
Aditya Masala

Trends & Blends

Changing culinary trends demand a variety of spice blends.The Aditya Group is geared to meet the demands of the day all the way.Being the best in the business, quality and continuity is ensured in production and delivery.

The spice Trade past and present

Since the art of cooking was developed, spices have been used to enliven and enhance meals. It is herbs and spices in combination that give the flavour and aroma which are a mingle sensation of smell and taste.

Whether you are dining on family favourites or entertaining friends with new and exciting dishes let your palate be the judge of the role spices play in your cooking today.

Though the collective effort of the Aditya group of companies, guides by a force and tenacity, it is continuously expanding and promoting leadership in the spice trade.

A new generation will look back in awe at what has been achieved by Aditya Trading Company.

 "An ounce of image is worth a ton of performance!".

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